Northeast by Northwest

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. This show: “Northeast By Northwest” illustrates the saying.

I moved to the Northwest corner of CT after 40 years in NYC, leaving my city studio behind.  In the interim, I rented a house with a temporary studio and while I used every inch of the studio, I couldn’t work with the usual paint splattered freedom that I am accustomed to.  Hence, “necessity” meant greater freedom by working outdoors every morning and part of each day for 18 months. 

Winter 2016 was mild, but there were days that the ink froze on the stick I used to draw, so my car became my studio and took on the patina of my city studio, as the ink and paint inevitably spilled on the seats, floors, and even on the doors.  I loved the change, the process and being recognized by locals as “the guy painting on the side of the road”.

Naturally, the seasons influenced my drawings and my material and working methods developed in these new circumstances. I have selected a representation of the Seasons from this 18 month “interim” period.  You may note the lushness of spring and summer and the sparseness in winter when the ground was too frozen to note much more than the cornstalks and contours of the land, including the stone walls and of course, the vastness of the sky.

“Northwest” refers to the NW corner of Connecticut, including Sharon, Lakeville and Salisbury. “Northeast” refers to the NE part of New York state that abuts it, and features extraordinary landscapes of the Hudson Valley, including Millerton, Ancram, Ancramdale, Pine Plains and Gallatinville, where I have spent a great deal of time over the last 25 years.


FALL 2015




FALL 2016