About Tom Goldenberg


Painting and drawing for me is concerned with modulating the space. Having worked from Nature, my newest work has come full cycle to a unique type of abstraction. These paintings make poetic allusions to the landscape and topography without articulating the features of sky horizon and foliage. I feel a freedom and focus in this that is very exciting and liberating.

The application of paint remains the central focus, whether it is oil on linen or mylar or gouache and compressed charcoal on paper. I see my work as Interior Landscapes; they are uniquely abstract without reference to representation or landscape. Rather, they refer to a sort of architectural or fictive space. I have realized that these paintings have been profoundly influenced by visits I have made to early archaeological sites in Macedonia, Italy, and Andalusia.

The drawings are like schemas, referring to the foundations or walled perimeter of ancient settlements. The color influenced by the earth and ceramic color of the place. The compositions are informed by temples, structure, and architecture. The paintings have returned to abstraction after many years.  I am interested in pursuing these paintings in relation to the physical model of these ancient sites.